About Us

Hi! I’m Sanjay Shrivastava,

founder of “The Sanphotography”

Welcome to my official website. I’m an ardent Nature lover and a self-taught photographer from India, specializing in Wildlife, Nature & Macro Photography. For me, composition, self-satisfaction and photos that convey a story are imperative. I try to bring out the beauty of nature which would please your eyes and also appeal to anyone willing to adorn your walls.
I started in 2018 and have travelled many national parks in India. During these years, I have witnessed, experienced and learnt the behaviors of animals, which are absolutely essential for wildlife & Macro photography. I experience an astounding connection with nature and photography.
A photograph has the power to trap the attention of the viewer and lets them ponder for at least 10 seconds. Getting such a photograph can only happen if it contains a story behind it.